Point to Point Connectivity

Point to Point Connectivity (Wired and Wireless)

Lease Line services offer secure private line connections committed to business data transfer needs.

Adtech Solutions offer Wired as well as Wireless services.

Wired Connectivity

They are offered on dedicated Fiber Optical Backbone, which has a built-in redundancy due to its ring architecture. The network is based on SDH and DWDM technologies. Leased Lines as clear channel services can run any voice, video or data applications.

Wireless Connectivity

With advanced features and functionality including integrated GPS and access to business-exclusive VHF frequencies, Point to Point offers radio solutions for businesses across a wide range of market sectors.

As a wireless communications solution provider, Adtech Solutions designs and delivers two-way radio solutions for a wide range of organizations and applications.

Examples of the two-way radio solutions, we design and deliver includes:

Mission Critical Integrated Voice and Data Communications – Keep your organization's response times down and performance results up.

Radio over IP – Seamlessly leverage the internet for cost-effective and wide-reaching radio transmissions.

Repeater Systems - Extend the radio coverage of your network with vehicle-mounted or fixed-mount repeater systems.