Internet Lease Line

We offer a bouquet of comprehensive and highly customizable Internet Lease Line solutions. Our services range from dedicated solutions, to managed bandwidth solutions and much more...

Point to Point Connectivity

The most efficient and cost-effective way to connect two offices is a leased line. Little wonder that most large enterprises use leased lines for connectivity. We provide both wired and wireless Point to Point connectivity.


Our Business Solution MPLS VPN service offers Triple play services for organizations seeking a flexible, scalable and a high performance, private VPN network. Built on carrier-grade platforms, the service offers foolproof security, superior traffic delivery, ease of manageability and high availability.

Switch/ Router

A switch sorts and distributes the network packets sent between the devices on a local area network (LAN), while a router is a gateway that connects two or more networks, which can be any combination of LANs, wide area networks (WAN), or the Internet.

Firewall (XTM/ UTM)

A firewall (in computer/networking terms) is a software program or hardware device that intercepts communications between your computer and the outside network and does some processing on them to help block malicious connections.

Personal Computing

Adtech works with leaders in personal computing and offers you the complete range of servers, laptops and desktops from IBM, Lenovo, Dell, and HP.


Our Standards

Providing The Best Communication Services!

We can give you much more than other companies do because our services are aimed at satisfying our customers ' need.

We create networking and IT management solutions that deliver business continuity and visibility, through robust network security, reliable connectivity, and effective remote IT management.