Firewall / XTM-UTM Solutions
Firewall/ XTM-UTM Solutions

A connected world presents complex security challenges. Business technologies such as interactive Websites, collaborative tools, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and virtualization proliferate within an increasingly sophisticated threat environment. Threats from an eroding perimeter, unsolicited e-mail, botnets, malware, and information theft disrupt productivity, adversely affect customer relationships, and erode profits. IT departments must manage security risks while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Incredible speed, Unbelievable value

Newest and fastest line of multi-function firewalls delivers stronger security, enhanced networking capabilities, and more management flexibility, as well as greater IT investment protection and customer choice.

Everything the enterprise needs for business continuity

These NGFW solutions deliver the powerful protection enterprises need, with unparalleled visibility into real-time and historical user, network, and security activities. Next-generation firewalls are designed for enterprises that can't afford downtime.

Defense in-depth email security and web security

Take the heat off your email servers with a XCS security solution. You get stringent email security to block spam and email-borne threats at the perimeter, while preventing accidental or malicious data loss in outbound traffic.

Secure remote access that just works

Firewall is affordable, easy-to-use, secure remote access solutions providing reliable client and clientless connectivity to corporate data and resources, such as email, file shares and CRM. Keep your workers productive anywhere, anytime.

Adtech Solutions Alliances for Security Solution with leading OEMs like Watchgard, Cyberroam, Fortinet, Barracuda, Exindia, Ipswitch, Astaro, WhatsUpGold, Avira, Kerio

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